Who is Kirsty?

Kirsty Stevenson talks to small business directly and informatively.

She is an author, entrepreneur and innovator and has spent her entire 35+ year career as a small business owner.

The author of The 3-Step Marketing Plan, Kirsty focuses on small businesses, nonprofits and organizations that support these types of enterprises with her book, workshops, seminars and blog. She communicates in a way that is relevant and accessible, drawing on her wisdom, experience and passion for assisting others.

Kirsty started the first landscape lighting company in Canada when she was in university, invented an innovative pin-type decorative accessory and founded and ran the Georgian Bay Titans Rugby club.

After a successful career in the lighting industry Kirsty left Toronto behind and moved to Blue Mountains, ON, Canada with her two sons, where she now resides.


Why Kirsty?

She tells it like it is.
Whether she’s giving a webinar to artists or a workshop for a small business centre, Kirsty is a great communicator. She’s informative, practical and interesting and delivers her material without any corporate-speak.  You will learn from her messages.

Loads of experience.
Kirsty has started and operated numerous businesses; she’s sat on the boards of nonprofits and founded her own nonprofit; she invented a product: she brings this experience and wisdom to everything she does. Your business will grow.

Passionate about helping others.
Kirsty volunteers as a mentor for local business, artists and a regional tourism organization; she facilitates a writers’ group; and sits on the Alpine Programs Committee of her ski club. You will be assisted.


Why The 3-Step Marketing Plan?


  • Organize your random marketing by following 3 simple steps to put a system in place that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing and reduce wasted time and money.
  • Wondering what to do each day? Develop a personalized marketing plan with daily activities that will give you more free time or more time to focus on your customers.
  • Learn about your business by developing your marketing plan. Develop mission and vision statements, refine your business model and business systems and make sure you are efficient and effective.
  • Establish the best ways to move towards your marketing goals.
  • Find out about your customers, their needs and wants, so you can respond to their needs more effectively.
  • Align your marketing activities with what you enjoy doing.
  • Fix what is and isn’t working.



  • Give or sell the book to your clients as a way of ensuring their success. Most small businesses have lots of passion, but don’t necessarily understand marketing basics. They will learn the basics of building and implementing a marketing plan. Their success will be your success.
  • Earn revenue by selling the book to your clients.
  • Lenders: more successful clients means better ROI.
  • Self-brand the book by purchasing in quantity – impress your clients and funders by offering a book instead of corporate literature and something that will be truly helpful for their success.
  • Reduce the time you spend teaching marketing so you can spend more time with your clients developing their business models.
  • Learn ways to improve your own marketing so you can move closer to your own business goals. 

On a Personal Note

There are a few things you might like to know about me:

I love to ski. I mean I really love to ski. I live across the road from a ski club, sit on the Club’s Alpine Programs Committee and assist with their social media and communications, belong to the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, am an on-hill ambassador for Salomon Skis, Love To Play…. to name a little of my preoccupation with skiing. I spend as much time “on snow” each year, usually skiing 75 – 80 days. It’s an obsession!

I’ve been a Buddhist practitioner and meditator for over 25 years, arising around 5 each morning to meditate. I attend retreat at least once a year.

My 2 sons are amazing! I’ve been in a long term committed relationship for 16+ years.

I workout and practice yoga at least 5 times a week. My go to workouts are online with Team Body Project. Daniel and Alexandra are amazing, so supportive and enthusiastic, and offer workouts for every level.

I sing in a local choir, the Trebelmakers.

I volunteer with a couple of programs to mentor small businesses.

I gave up social media for personal use and have no plans on returning. 

I love to write almost as much as I love to ski – almost – and write a minumum of 500 words each morning as a warm-up for my day.

Ecstatic and 5 Rhythms dancing keep me grounded.

Orchids are awesome.