Nope, I’m still not interested in social media.

Labour Day, 2019. I remember it well. I found myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook.

Once again.

Wasting time.

I’m very sociable, love to chat with people, but prefer to spend time alone or with my partner or sons. I ditched my large extended family years ago – phew!

I observed myself. I watched the emotions generated by the images and stories I was scrolling through.

And decided I had enough.

I teach social media and am well aware of its value as a marketing tool. But it was not making me happy, not one little bit.

So I quit.

There and then.

I deactivated my Facebook account for a month. When it reactivated itself I didn’t close it down, I just turned off every notification and ignored it. I check events every couple of weeks, but that’s about the extent of my engagement. 

You know something? I don’t miss it, not one little bit.

I kicked myself off Instagram as well – same mindlessness, same feelings of disinterest.

I was sitting with a group of people and one asked if I’d seen a photo on Facebook. I remarked that I had ditched social media. All eyes turened to me. Open mouths. No words. Until someone tried to insist that it was only temporary, that I couldn’t just quit.

But I did.

No interest in returning.

And I still don’t miss it.

Try it sometime.